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The creative industry is like no other as it includes so many different types of businesses, across so many different industries.

One thing that separates the creative industry from other sectors is the passion that creative businesses have for what they do. When you have clients that have that passion, it’s only right that their accountants do as well.

Whether you are a small start-up business, or a larger established business, we want you to succeed and grow and we have the tools and experience to help you.

We have significant experience in the creative sector and have assisted clients from architects and designers, to international musicians, actors and film production companies.

Where our experience really adds value to our clients, is by getting to you know you and your business, your main problem areas, and then finding a solution that makes your life easier.

Who We Help

  • Architects & Interior Designers
  • Musicians & Actors
  • TV & Film Production Companies
  • Photographers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Athletes

  • Artists
  • Fashion Designers
  • Tech & Software Developers
  • Events Managers & PR Agencies
  • Web Developers

How We Help

  • Assisting with your business’s accountancy function, helping you understand your finance position and how this impacts your decision making.
  • Providing industry specific tax advice, taking advantage of specialist tax allowances such as film tax credits, video game tax relief or musicians tour accounting.
  • Advising on overseas tax issues such as withholding tax on overseas royalties.

  • Assisting with business start-ups, business plans and business growth plans.
  • Providing advice around research and development tax credits.
  • Assisting with investment opportunities.
  • Assisting businesses with EIS and SEISS applications.
  • Providing specific job/project costing for specific project related work.

Did You Know?

  • Musicians that tour abroad, are likely to have overseas withholding tax deducted from their incomes. Any overseas tax paid is likely to be available to be offset against their UK tax liabilities. The UK has tax treaties in place with most countries across the world, enabling you to only pay tax in one place. Our understanding of overseas tax enables us to ensure our clients don’t pay too much tax on their foreign income.
  • Research and development tax credits are available across the entire creative industry. Given the very nature of the industry, new, innovative solutions are being created everyday and these could qualify for the additional 230% tax deduction. For a business spending £100,000, a physical tax saving of £43,700 is available! Whether you have developed a type of new software, designed a new game or a new innovative product, there could be major tax savings available to you.
  • A successful show or song can result in future reoccurring revenues. The key is at the beginning. Understanding your potential from the start can lead to the best tax structure. This can not only lead to annual tax savings but the right structure can future proof your income for generations to come. If you are receiving TV, film or music royalties, keeping on top of the sources, the countries and the income type is key to simplifying your tax position.
  • If you’re looking for investment, the EIS scheme could be a great way to achieve this. Under the EIS scheme, you can raise up to £5m each year, up to a maximum of £12m. Providing you are a trading company, receive the investment within 7 years of commencing trade and will use the money for qualifying activities, then the scheme may be for you. The real benefit of registering for the EIS scheme is however for the investors. Any investor receives 30% tax relief on any amount invested into the company. If for example an individual invested £20,000 into your business, they would receive a tax saving of £6,000, reducing their investment exposure to £14,000. There are also further tax deductions available for them if the worst happened and the business fails. This provides investors with a significantly lower risk than a non-EIS registered company. This could be the difference between receiving investment and not.

Knowledge & Experience

No matter how straightforward or complex your requirements may be, our team has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you and your business.

We have a proven record of helping our clients achieve their goals through our pro-active approach to tax planning. To see examples of how we have helped our clients, please take a look at our case studies.

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