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Expert Specialist Funding Advice

With a focus on adding value to our clients and helping our clients grow, Goldbridge Partnership is pleased to be able to provide our clients with specialist business funding advice, due our relationship with Mesa Financial.

At Goldbridge Partnership our main focus is working with businesses that are aiming to grow significantly. One of the main parts of growing a business is to obtain the correct funding to support your growth, at the moments when you need it.

There are numerous funding options available, depending on the sector your business operates within and the motivation for needing the funding. With so many funding options available, it is important to know exactly what a business is trying to achieve so the implications can be fully explored.

Whether your need equity finance, cashflow lending, commercial loans, mortgages, asset finance or an invoice finance facility, our team will ensure you have all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.

If needed, we can make onward referrals should you wish to look into any specific finance products.

How Can We Help?

  • Making you aware of the implications of business finance from both a business and tax perspective.

  • Introduce you to the correct advisers that can structure the correct lending.

  • Assisting with any information required by lenders, which can save our clients time and effort.

  • Fully assessing the needs of our clients to find the most effective and efficient solution.

  • Mesa financial have direct access to a variety of lenders, both high street and private, providing products that may not be readily available elsewhere.

  • Access to specialist funding options such as; asset finance, invoice finance, trade finance, commercial mortgages, loans and property finance

Knowledge & Experience

No matter how straightforward or complex your requirements may be, our team has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you and your business.

We have a proven record of helping our clients achieve their goals through our pro-active approach to tax planning. To see examples of how we have helped our clients, please take a look at our case studies.

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